Our Process

Turning ideas into product, and product into profits. 

We are creative

From styleboards to final samples, the Pulsar Creative Team is committed to the details. With an award winning in-house team of Graphic Designers, Product Developers and Merchandise Managers - we make your dreams a reality.

Independent Quality Control & Quality Assurance

  • Factory Audits (Environmental)

  • Social Compliance

  • Product Testing

  • Product Safety

we Manufacture

Since 1997, Pulsar has been on the ground in Asia. In 2015, we opened our own Pulsar Asia Office in Guangzhou (China) which is committed to quality, safety, and compliance. We treat our partners with respect, insist on safe work conditions, build long term relationships, and promote responsible business practices.


we deliver

We help manage every aspect of the supply chain from concept to completion. We’re not just about moving things from one place to another. We analyze each customer’s needs, anticipate challenges, and set up contingency plans so they never have to worry about the journey. With warehouses in Tacoma, Buffalo, Miami and Cleveland - we take the guesswork out of North American distribution.